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Volcano Vaporizer review

In the Volcano Vaporizer review you will learn about different types of the Volcano Vaporizers and will know how to choose the best for yourself. The Volcano Vaporizer is a development of the Storz& Bickel Company. Before you buy this device determine what you need. There are two vaporizer’s types; the first is the classic Volcano, the second is the Volcano Digital. These devices are not cheap, they cost a large amount of money, so read some the Volcano Vaporizer reviews before you buy this one.

If you decide to purchase it so you will get the good with the label “Is not made in China” as the Storz & Bickel is a German company, so you can be sure that you will get an excellent quality machine. Its cost is totally justified its quality, you will not regret about the purchasing of The Volcano Vaporizer. The fact that the device is called as a volcano is appropriate given its power.

In The Volcano Vaporizer review we describe the most important issues related to the using of this device.

Digital Volcano Vaporizer is on $130 more expensive than the Classic Volcano. However, it gives you the ability to regulate temperature and has very convenient LED display. Classic Volcano Vaporizer has an analog temperature controller from 1 to 10.

In addition, you will need to decide what kind of valve you will use. This Volcano Vaporizer review will help you with this! There are two types of valves; the first is the “easy” and the second is the “solid.” There are some differences between them. Easy valve is easier to use, it does not require strong care and maintenance. Usually it comes already attached to the air balloon. This valve is ideal for those who do not like to bother with cleaning and attaching the valve to the air bag. When you can no longer use an easy valve, you just replace it.

The solid valve is reusable, but it requires cleaning. It does not need to be replaced, so it is more advantageous, since you do not have to spend money on a new valve, but you will have little work with getting it cleaned and attached to an air balloon. But otherwise the valves do not differ more.

From this Volcano Vaporizer review you will see that this is a really good machine. You can tie off the air balloons to make the most suitable size for you. …

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Best MM vapes

Best Medical Marijuana Vaporizers of 2017


Let’s start out with discussing which form of Medical Marijuana that you would be using to vaporize and the best vaporizer to get the job done!

Traditional smoking raises many health concerns, however by vaporizing eliminates 90% of smoke and the risk of inhaling other harmful toxins. The purest method of Medical Marijuana consumption is vaporizing.

There are three main forms of Medical Marijuana, which are:

Dry Herb, Wax Concentrate and Oil Concentrate (e-liquid).

There is also three popular categories of vaporizers, which are:

Desktop, Portable and Vape Pens.

Not all vaporizers can vaporize all three forms of Medical Marijuana, so we will lay out some pros and cons of our top picks to help you choose the best vaporizer!

Not sure whether to pick either a desk top, portable, or vape pen? There is also pros and cons to all three categories and we will provide you with what we feel would be the best option.

Desk Top Vapes: Pros are that it’s great for sharing with a group of people and very powerful. You can usually vaporize all three forms of Medical Marijuana by using a desk top vape.

The cons are that it’s not portable, quite bulky and not as affordable compared to the other category of vaporizers.

Portable Vaporizer: Pros are that its very discreet, portable and more affordable, best and most popular for vaporizing dry herb Medical Marijuana.

Cons are that these vapes aren’t the best for e-liquid and not as strong on battery power than the average desk top vape. It’s more for personal use than group use.

Vape Pens: Pros are similar to the portable vapes that it’s discreet and portable, but they are not as good of a quality as most portable vaporizers that are on the market and very low battery power. Also, these vapes are not for dry herb, but usually used to vaporize oil concentrates known as e-liquid.

Our top recommendation if you’re interested in a Desktop Vaporizer:

The Herbalizer

Top-notch vapor from a great desktop vaporizer packed with many sophisticated functionalities.

Price: $599

Vaporizes: Dry Herbs, Oils and Wax


Assisted Delivery System

Whip & Balloon System

Auto Shutoff w/ Sleep Function LCD Display

Magnetic Bowl CoolGrips™ Insulated Bowl

SqueezeValve™ Balloon System 2 Year Warranty


Desktop only, not portable

Does not come with lifetime warranty

Quality could be better for the …

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Volcano Vaporizers

Beyond any shade of doubt, it can be affirmed that vaporizers needs no introduction. It is an all embracing and hugging kind of device for smoke lovers. Its popularity speaks volumes about its extraordinary usefulness and effectiveness. Market is swarmed with a lot of vaporizers and volcano vaporizer is one of them. Out of all the available vaporizers, volcano vaporizer is something that a health conscious person can not help brining this at home.

Now-a-days, volcano vaporizers are all the rage. It is deservedly known or called as ‘the Mercedes Benz of Vaporizers’. It gives one an amazing and health providing vaporizing experience of which other vaporizers only promise to provide. For those who loves to smoke and live a healthy life, it is a must buy. There is no other vaporizer which is more expensive than the volcano vaporizer. The usefulness and effectiveness of the volcano vaporizer has made it the high-end and most coveted vaporizers. There are so many fabulous features of volcano vaporizer which makes it superior to other vaporizers. It is well and truly able to maintain the right vaporization temperature to extract finest flavor and utmost release of active elements.

Volcano Vaporizers heats the herbs at a temperature which is just enough to produce the active ingredients without burning the herbs. It provides its user clean vapor with all the flavor and active ingredients and without cancer causing tar and other toxins. Storz & Bickel of Germany designs and manufactures Volcano Vaporizer. Because of its excellent health promoting features and for outstanding technical innovation, it has also been rewarded with various prizes.

All the parts of Volcano Vaporizer:

All the parts of the vaporizers are available on the market place with all ease and they are also easily replaceable. These parts are as follows:

Parts of solid Valve Volcano Vaporizer: – Balloon clip, Fine screen set, O-ring set, Filling chamber for herbs, Mouthpiece and the like.
Parts of easy Valve Volcano Vaporizer: Filling chamber for herbs, Fine screen set, Replacement set, Filling chamber for liquids and the like.
Parts of miscellaneous Volcano Vaporizer: – Grinder, Travel Case, Air filter cap, Air filter set and the like.

Volcano Vaporizer vaporization system

Solid Valve and Easy Valve, two hot air generators, Volcano Classic and Volcano Digit are the parts that constitutes a system of Volcano Vaporizer vaporization. Since, valves fit both hot air generators, so a user can use 4 different vaporizer sets. One can enjoy …

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A Concise but Complete Depiction of Herb Grinder

What Is An Herb Grinder?

An herb grinder is an inseparable part of the vaporizer. Basically, they are to grind spices and herbs into tiny pieces. There are various types of herb grinders on the market place. Some of the grinders grind marijuana buds into tiny pieces. There are some herb grinders which grind marijuana. They are also known as bud grinders.

Types of herb grinders:

Basically, two types of herb grinders are there on the market place. The first type of herb grinder is mainly used to grind marijuana, whereas the other type of the grinder is a grinder-pollenator. They are also simply known as a pollenator.

4 Pc. Anodized Alu.
Herb Grinder 50m 4 Pc. Anodized Alu.
Herb Grinder 55m 4 Pc. Aluminum
Herb Grinder 76m

Parts of Herb Grinder

Mainly, there are two parts of the grinder. The first one is the top section with teeth on the underside and the other one is a section of lower teeth.

The herb is put in between the teeth. After that the bottom and top are put jointly and twisted in an opposite direction. To grind the herb a twisting motion has to be given to teeth together. As a result of the twisting motion the herb placed between them is broken down into smaller particles. To finely grind the herb one has to grind it for a longer period of time.

4 Pc. Aluminum
Herb Grinder 100m
2 Pc. Anodized Alu.
Herb Grinder 50m
3 Stage Aluminum
Herb Grinder 55m
The way the Herb Grinder Works

The herb grinder has two round disks that have tiny blades or pins on each side. The herb is placed in the area between the two round disks and then the bottom and top are placed jointly and twisted in an opposite direction. As the round disks move in opposite directions, the herb is ground up very finely. There are some materials out of which herb grinder can be made. They include plastic, wood, metals and the like.

How to use an Herb Grinder

First of all, the grinder or pollenator is placed together and the top is taken off.

Then, the grinder should be loaded with the desired herb.

When the enough herbs are loaded into the grinder, the top and bottom disk should be placed together. Now with one hand the bottom should be held and with the other hand the top should be turned. To get …

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Herbal Vaporizers: A Lovable and Healthy Choice for Smokers

Herbal vaporizers at a glance

Health hazards have been an alarming issue particularly for those who have anyway been concerned with the research related to health. As a consequence there are varieties of vaporizers available in the market. The herbal vaporizer is one of them. It is getting popular day by day for its own virtue. Herb Vaporizer is easy to use which makes it a lovable choice for smokers. Looking at its popularity, several changes are being made to improve the quality of herbal vaporizers, so that the smoking- lover guys may have better experience of intoxication through this alternative means.

Any tobacco or herb which is used in the vaporizer is heated at such a moderate temperature that it gives out the herbal essence without burning it. Therefore the user enjoys the essence the herb in the form of vapor not in the form of smoke.

Types of herb vaporizers:

There are many kinds of herbal vaporizers on the market. They are classified on the basis of their heating process. Some use a lighter to heat the substance and this variety is very cheap. But some are given with an electric heating device or a dynamic temperature control. So it is all up to the user to make choice between them.

Health benefits of herbal vaporizers

For smokers a herbal vaporize is a health bonanza. Normally in traditional method, smoke is inhaled which may cause damage to the lungs. But through a herb vaporizer, the essence of the herb is inhaled in the form of vapor which does not contain any harmful element like carcinogenic material usually associated with smoking. No doubt this is the best alternative for those who cannot abstain from smoking. When they use this alternative, their lungs remain intact of tar, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens present in smoke.

Actually, when the herb is heated, it gives out only healthy vapor containing nicotine which is quite enough to serve the purpose of tobacco smoking. Moreover there is less chance of addiction and the user can voluntarily get the pleasure of intoxication.

Use of herb vaporizers and its temperature:

It is very easy to use a herbal vaporizer. The herbs are first grinned to small and even particles by using a herb grinder. If the herb grinder is not available, a coffee grinder can also serve the purpose. Before loading the herbs in the provided glass handpiece, the vaporizer is heated to around 200 …

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Cool Mist Vaporizer

I have been a big fan of humidifiers and vaporizers for a long time, mainly for diffusing the scent of essential oils through my home, or for use in the office to help fight off germs during flu season. But after I had my daughter, I found I had a problem: they just weren’t safe anymore. Any of you who have used vaporizers in the past know that they get extremely hot, and often times a small jostle to the surface it sits on is enough to throw a little water out of the container. You can’t have that with a growing child around, not if you want to avoid making baby soup.

That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered cool mist vaporizers. They are more or less the same as any regular steam model, but instead of hot vapors, they shoot out a cool, light mist that carries the scents just as effectively as the heated version. It reduces the risk of burns, can be used as an air freshener, and can also be used to help relieve congestion due to allergies and illness.

A cool mist vaporizer is perfect for a child’s room, or a small space that carries more risk of knocking the container over. It’s also great if you happen to get sick, or have serious allergies during the warmer months of spring or summer, which will make owning a heated humidifier much more uncomfortable then it’s worth.

If you are not sure you will want a vaporizer that only supplies cool mist, or don’t want to buy a separate warm one for the colder months, many companies like Vicks manufacture half & half vaporizers that offer both warm and cool mist within the same unit for between $50 – $80, a little more expensive for one of either, but cheaper if you plan on purchasing both.

If you are looking to buy something to appeal directly to your children, you may want to check out Crane humidifiers. They sell some wonderful cool mist vaporizers in several different designs, such as penguins, polar bears, and even well known characters like Hello Kitty and Thomas The Tank Engine. While these are usually found at Target stores across the US, they can also be purchased on-line through Amazon, or at various other suppliers like Walgreens, Babies R Us, Best Buy, Baby Depot, and others. Check their website,, for more details.

If you are looking for …

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Vapir Vaporizer

Unfolding the Family of Vapir Vaporizer

All about Vapir Vaporizers

It goes without saying that Vapir vaporizer is one of the high end vaporizers. It has got all singing, all dancing technology to make it a vaporizer with difference. It was only in 2002, when Vapir vaporizer was introduced for the first time. This vaporizer uses a microchip technology inside a space age plastic body. An automatic shut off and high-tech ceramic heating element is in-built and impressive feature of this vaporizer. This vaporizer also comes with a technology which controls the temperature precisely.

Types of Vapir Vaporizer available on the marketplace:

There are the varieties of Vapir vaporizer available in the market. Every Vapir vaporizer is unique in its own way. All are gifted with wonderful technology Vapir Air One Vaporizer 5.0, Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer Deluxe,

Vapir Oxygen Portable Vaporizer, Rechargeable Vapir vaporizer, Air2 Vapir Vaporizer, Vapir OXYGEN Mini Vaporizer and many more like them constitute the family of Vapir vaporizer.

Below is the description of the all the above mentioned Vapir vaporizers.

Vapir Air One 5.0 Vaporizer

Vapir Vapormatic Vaporizer
It comes with some outstanding features. With this vaporizer one can enjoy different affects of vaporization temperature for all kinds of herbs. It is light and portable. There is also a three speed fan that allows one to control air flow. It heats up very fast. It comes with stylish custom fit box. As for its size, its height is 18 cm and width is 16 cm.

Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer Deluxe

Vapir Vapormatic Vaporizer
The chromo finish and new retro look make the Vapir VaporMatic Deluxe Vaporizer exceptionally stylish. It has also got a herb disk system which makes this vaporizer almost fully error proof. The LCD screen of this vaporizer keeps showing the exact temperature the unit is operating at. There is also a vapor inhalation bag with this vaporizer.

Vapir Oxygen Portable Vaporizer

It is available in affordable range. It is pocket sized and digitally powered vaporizer. What makes this vaporizer very much impressive is its digital display. This vaporizer can be used with a power adaptor or with an optional rechargeable battery. When the Vapir Oxygen Vaporizer is fully charged, it lasts for one hour of constant heating.

Rechargeable Vapir vaporizer

This vaporizer blows vapor through convectional style high quality fan. It features Adjustable temperature control, Backlit Digital display, Stylish custom fit carry bag, rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack and the like. It also …

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Aromatherapy Vaporizers

Aromatherapy vaporizers are devices that diffuse the scent of essential oils into the air at a slower rate then oil burners, and so increase the benefits of the oils themselves. It’s a safe, natural approach to both air fresheners, as well as homeopathic medicine, as many scents are shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and various medicinal properties.

The average price for a decent aromatherapy vaporizer is between $99.00 US and $300.00 US, and come with several different features that can be used either for general distribution, or in some cases inhalation. However, although these methods are usually safe and natural, there are some things you should know before buying or using an aromatherapy vaporizer.

First of all, you should only ever use oils that have been sanctioned for use in aromatherapy, and only use them in the way that was intended. Never inhale or diffuse herbs that are not specifically said to be able safe for consumption, and always pay attention to listed uses before purchasing or using any oil.

Second, never purchase anything that is not 100% pure. The best case scenario dictates that they will just be diluted with useless base oils that will compromise the effectiveness of the herb. But in some circumstances, there can be chemicals that in and of themselves are not harmful, but if burned or inhaled could potentially be, such as different preservatives.

Third, always buy your vaporizers new. Aromatherapy vaporizers can be used for more then just oils, and often they are. Don’t risk purchasing a unit second hand that may contain traces of harmful oils, chemicals, or drugs, or that have broken parts like filters that could compromise the distribution. Aromatherapy vaporizers are meant to release the scents slowly, to last longer and be more beneficial then the average oil burner.

Now, if you are really wanting to purchase an aromatherapy vaporizer, but you don’t have a few hundred to spare, there are cheaper models available on websites like Amazon that may not be as fancy, but see, to work just as well. Ultrasonic has several options for around $40.00 US that have gotten great reviews, and offer warranties to make sure that if something were to happen, you could return it for a new one with no problem, something that a lot of more expensive models sadly don’t offer.

There are also items like ‘mistifiers’, which are very similar to vaporizers, that work well for small rooms or spaces, …

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HotBox Vaporizers

Humdinger HotBox Vaporizers: Less Money, More Honey

Hotbox Vaporizer is a wonderful option for those who are in love with Volcano experience but can not afford Volcano Vaporizer. One can easily afford HotBox vaporizer and enjoy Volcano experience for less . Hot Box is getting more and more popular as it can be used in a multipurpose way very easily. With the HotBox vaporizer, one can get including but not limited to quality, convenience, cost-effectiveness, styles and looks and all that jazz.

What is Hotbox Vaporizers?

In the world of aromatherapy devices and herbal vaporizers, Hotbox vaporizers have come out with a revolution. Its innovative style and design allows one enjoy herbal vaporizing experience to the full. It is very easy to use and health promoting alternative to traditional way of smoking. As for the availability of Hot Box Vaporizers, it is available in scores of colors and designs. Hot Box Vaporizer is quite able to heat and maintain its optimum temperature more effectively because of its wonderful and innovative heating technology.

Hot Box Vaporizer and its usage

Only standard glass vapor whips is supposed to be used with the Hot box vaporizers for better result. Using a Hotbox Vaporizer is not an uphill task. Simply one has to heat the Hotbox for around 10-15 minutes and then the finely chopped herbs should be put into the Wand. Excess stuffing should always be avoided. The Wand should be held against the tip of the glass heating element and then one should start inhaling through the tube . If it is used in a proper way, nothing can be seen passing through the tube at the time of inhaling.

Variety of Hot Box Vaporizer Style:

At present, Hotbox vaporizers are available in Cobalt Blue and Ebony Mother. Apart from these colors it is also available in all Rise Scarlet color. They also come in scores of stone configurations such as marble, onyx and copious of other valuable stones.

Information as to Hotbox Vaporizer Warranty:

The Hotbox vaporizer is available with a one year hassle free warranty. If any problem is experienced after one year warranty, one can have their vaporizer renewed for a very less amount of money.

Hot Box Vaporizer custom design

The most attractive attribute of a Hotbox vaporizers is that one can get it designed according to one’s wishes such as one’s picture or name or favorite star’s countenance can be set on the …

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Alcohol Vaporizer

Alcohol Vaporizer: An Ultimate Party Toy

How easy and safe to get intoxicated with alcohol! Now many are saying ‘no’ to guzzling bottles of liquor. What makes it altogether a new experience is nothing but Alcohol Vaporizer. That is to say now no more of drinking, as the intake of alcohol can be had in the form vapor too. And this is what alcohol vaporizers are all about. They are popularly known as the ‘AWOL’ Machine i.e. the alcohol without liquid machine.

This alcohol vaporizer is a handy device which turns the liquid alcohol into vapor with the help of an oxygen generator. With this alcohol vaporizer one can use the spirit of his or her own choice in the diffuser capsule given in the device. Before the vapor is inhaled through the tube, the bubbles of oxygen pass through the capsule that soaks up the alcohol. The liquid alcohol is converted into vapor with the help of the device and finally it is inhaled by the user.

A great benefit of this alcohol vaporizer is that a calorie conscious fellow can enjoy every bit of it, as the vapor does not add to one’s calorie and helps enjoy the influence in a different way. When it comes to the intensity of influence or intoxication, it is not like the hangovers which one has after consuming liquid alcohol. With alcohol vaporizer one can inhale a large amount of alcohol in a shorter period of time.

There is also the other side of this alcohol vaporizer. Just a half shot of the amount inhaled over a period of 20 minutes is very high in intensity of influence. The fact is that a considerably large amount alcohol is taken in a very short time, so there is a possibility of excessive intake of alcohol. And its excessive intake is said to be detrimental to the health and body of the user. Considering this negative effect, safety and legitimacy of the machine have come up with a great concern and this has led to the banning of alcohol vaporizers in some states.

Moreover, the intake of vapor alcohol has been found to have much deeper intoxication, as there is no proper ingestion of the vapor into the blood. At this point a big drawback of this machine is that it cannot measure the level of intoxication. But it is possible in case of liquid alcohol drinkers by using a device like …

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