Alcohol Vaporizer: An Ultimate Party Toy

How easy and safe to get intoxicated with alcohol! Now many are saying ‘no’ to guzzling bottles of liquor. What makes it altogether a new experience is nothing but Alcohol Vaporizer. That is to say now no more of drinking, as the intake of alcohol can be had in the form vapor too. And this is what alcohol vaporizers are all about. They are popularly known as the ‘AWOL’ Machine i.e. the alcohol without liquid machine.

This alcohol vaporizer is a handy device which turns the liquid alcohol into vapor with the help of an oxygen generator. With this alcohol vaporizer one can use the spirit of his or her own choice in the diffuser capsule given in the device. Before the vapor is inhaled through the tube, the bubbles of oxygen pass through the capsule that soaks up the alcohol. The liquid alcohol is converted into vapor with the help of the device and finally it is inhaled by the user.

A great benefit of this alcohol vaporizer is that a calorie conscious fellow can enjoy every bit of it, as the vapor does not add to one’s calorie and helps enjoy the influence in a different way. When it comes to the intensity of influence or intoxication, it is not like the hangovers which one has after consuming liquid alcohol. With alcohol vaporizer one can inhale a large amount of alcohol in a shorter period of time.

There is also the other side of this alcohol vaporizer. Just a half shot of the amount inhaled over a period of 20 minutes is very high in intensity of influence. The fact is that a considerably large amount alcohol is taken in a very short time, so there is a possibility of excessive intake of alcohol. And its excessive intake is said to be detrimental to the health and body of the user. Considering this negative effect, safety and legitimacy of the machine have come up with a great concern and this has led to the banning of alcohol vaporizers in some states.

Moreover, the intake of vapor alcohol has been found to have much deeper intoxication, as there is no proper ingestion of the vapor into the blood. At this point a big drawback of this machine is that it cannot measure the level of intoxication. But it is possible in case of liquid alcohol drinkers by using a device like a breath analyzer.

In spite of all the loopholes, the alcohol vaporizer is in great demand in the market. All the frets coming up against the use of this device have come to no effect, because its handy size makes it more viable among the youngsters who want to enjoy the intoxication of alcohol keeping themselves unnoticed from their elders. Besides its portable size make it easy to carry to any place. So it has become a popular thing to enjoy the influence of alcohol in parties.

One cannot imagine how popular it has gone as ‘ultimate party toy’. And thus alcohol vaporizers are becoming more and more popular despite the controversies associated with its use and legitimacy.