Aromatherapy vaporizers are devices that diffuse the scent of essential oils into the air at a slower rate then oil burners, and so increase the benefits of the oils themselves. It’s a safe, natural approach to both air fresheners, as well as homeopathic medicine, as many scents are shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and various medicinal properties.

The average price for a decent aromatherapy vaporizer is between $99.00 US and $300.00 US, and come with several different features that can be used either for general distribution, or in some cases inhalation. However, although these methods are usually safe and natural, there are some things you should know before buying or using an aromatherapy vaporizer.

First of all, you should only ever use oils that have been sanctioned for use in aromatherapy, and only use them in the way that was intended. Never inhale or diffuse herbs that are not specifically said to be able safe for consumption, and always pay attention to listed uses before purchasing or using any oil.

Second, never purchase anything that is not 100% pure. The best case scenario dictates that they will just be diluted with useless base oils that will compromise the effectiveness of the herb. But in some circumstances, there can be chemicals that in and of themselves are not harmful, but if burned or inhaled could potentially be, such as different preservatives.

Third, always buy your vaporizers new. Aromatherapy vaporizers can be used for more then just oils, and often they are. Don’t risk purchasing a unit second hand that may contain traces of harmful oils, chemicals, or drugs, or that have broken parts like filters that could compromise the distribution. Aromatherapy vaporizers are meant to release the scents slowly, to last longer and be more beneficial then the average oil burner.

Now, if you are really wanting to purchase an aromatherapy vaporizer, but you don’t have a few hundred to spare, there are cheaper models available on websites like Amazon that may not be as fancy, but see, to work just as well. Ultrasonic has several options for around $40.00 US that have gotten great reviews, and offer warranties to make sure that if something were to happen, you could return it for a new one with no problem, something that a lot of more expensive models sadly don’t offer.

There are also items like ‘mistifiers’, which are very similar to vaporizers, that work well for small rooms or spaces, although they are not so effective if you are looking for something to distribute the oils throughout the entire house. These can also be great for a child’s room, as the mists are usually cool, and so eliminate any threat of burns while still giving the same health benefits.

Aromatherapy vaporizers are a safe, natural, affordable way to improve health and freshen your home with dangerous chemicals or fake floral scents found in air sprays. So if you are looking to increase your quality of life with the use of essential oils, check on-line or in local holistic stores for an aromatherapy vaporizer today.