Best MM vapes

Best Medical Marijuana Vaporizers of 2017


Let’s start out with discussing which form of Medical Marijuana that you would be using to vaporize and the best vaporizer to get the job done!

Traditional smoking raises many health concerns, however by vaporizing eliminates 90% of smoke and the risk of inhaling other harmful toxins. The purest method of Medical Marijuana consumption is vaporizing.

There are three main forms of Medical Marijuana, which are:

Dry Herb, Wax Concentrate and Oil Concentrate (e-liquid).

There is also three popular categories of vaporizers, which are:

Desktop, Portable and Vape Pens.

Not all vaporizers can vaporize all three forms of Medical Marijuana, so we will lay out some pros and cons of our top picks to help you choose the best vaporizer!

Not sure whether to pick either a desk top, portable, or vape pen? There is also pros and cons to all three categories and we will provide you with what we feel would be the best option.

Desk Top Vapes: Pros are that it’s great for sharing with a group of people and very powerful. You can usually vaporize all three forms of Medical Marijuana by using a desk top vape.

The cons are that it’s not portable, quite bulky and not as affordable compared to the other category of vaporizers.

Portable Vaporizer: Pros are that its very discreet, portable and more affordable, best and most popular for vaporizing dry herb Medical Marijuana.

Cons are that these vapes aren’t the best for e-liquid and not as strong on battery power than the average desk top vape. It’s more for personal use than group use.

Vape Pens: Pros are similar to the portable vapes that it’s discreet and portable, but they are not as good of a quality as most portable vaporizers that are on the market and very low battery power. Also, these vapes are not for dry herb, but usually used to vaporize oil concentrates known as e-liquid.

Our top recommendation if you’re interested in a Desktop Vaporizer:

The Herbalizer

Top-notch vapor from a great desktop vaporizer packed with many sophisticated functionalities.

Price: $599

Vaporizes: Dry Herbs, Oils and Wax


Assisted Delivery System

Whip & Balloon System

Auto Shutoff w/ Sleep Function LCD Display

Magnetic Bowl CoolGrips™ Insulated Bowl

SqueezeValve™ Balloon System 2 Year Warranty


Desktop only, not portable

Does not come with lifetime warranty

Quality could be better for the …

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