What Is An Herb Grinder?

An herb grinder is an inseparable part of the vaporizer. Basically, they are to grind spices and herbs into tiny pieces. There are various types of herb grinders on the market place. Some of the grinders grind marijuana buds into tiny pieces. There are some herb grinders which grind marijuana. They are also known as bud grinders.

Types of herb grinders:

Basically, two types of herb grinders are there on the market place. The first type of herb grinder is mainly used to grind marijuana, whereas the other type of the grinder is a grinder-pollenator. They are also simply known as a pollenator.

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Parts of Herb Grinder

Mainly, there are two parts of the grinder. The first one is the top section with teeth on the underside and the other one is a section of lower teeth.

The herb is put in between the teeth. After that the bottom and top are put jointly and twisted in an opposite direction. To grind the herb a twisting motion has to be given to teeth together. As a result of the twisting motion the herb placed between them is broken down into smaller particles. To finely grind the herb one has to grind it for a longer period of time.

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The way the Herb Grinder Works

The herb grinder has two round disks that have tiny blades or pins on each side. The herb is placed in the area between the two round disks and then the bottom and top are placed jointly and twisted in an opposite direction. As the round disks move in opposite directions, the herb is ground up very finely. There are some materials out of which herb grinder can be made. They include plastic, wood, metals and the like.

How to use an Herb Grinder

First of all, the grinder or pollenator is placed together and the top is taken off.

Then, the grinder should be loaded with the desired herb.

When the enough herbs are loaded into the grinder, the top and bottom disk should be placed together. Now with one hand the bottom should be held and with the other hand the top should be turned. To get finely ground herb one should keep moving the disk for a longer period of time.

This is how a grinder is used to grind the herb.

Things to have in mind while buying an Herb Grinder

There are a few things that one is required to bear into one’s mind while buying an herb grinder.

While buying an herb grinder or pollenator one should be on the guard. Otherwise it is easy to be shortchanged. Some seller fobs off acrylic or wood products as premium or high quality. It is always advisable to buy from a supplier offering a guarantee of some years on the herb grinders. The most important part of the grinder is the size of the hole. People always make mistake in choosing the right size of the whole for them. Different size of the hole gives different result. So it is strongly recommended to take care of hole-size.