Unfolding the Family of Vapir Vaporizer

All about Vapir Vaporizers

It goes without saying that Vapir vaporizer is one of the high end vaporizers. It has got all singing, all dancing technology to make it a vaporizer with difference. It was only in 2002, when Vapir vaporizer was introduced for the first time. This vaporizer uses a microchip technology inside a space age plastic body. An automatic shut off and high-tech ceramic heating element is in-built and impressive feature of this vaporizer. This vaporizer also comes with a technology which controls the temperature precisely.

Types of Vapir Vaporizer available on the marketplace:

There are the varieties of Vapir vaporizer available in the market. Every Vapir vaporizer is unique in its own way. All are gifted with wonderful technology Vapir Air One Vaporizer 5.0, Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer Deluxe,

Vapir Oxygen Portable Vaporizer, Rechargeable Vapir vaporizer, Air2 Vapir Vaporizer, Vapir OXYGEN Mini Vaporizer and many more like them constitute the family of Vapir vaporizer.

Below is the description of the all the above mentioned Vapir vaporizers.

Vapir Air One 5.0 Vaporizer

Vapir Vapormatic Vaporizer
It comes with some outstanding features. With this vaporizer one can enjoy different affects of vaporization temperature for all kinds of herbs. It is light and portable. There is also a three speed fan that allows one to control air flow. It heats up very fast. It comes with stylish custom fit box. As for its size, its height is 18 cm and width is 16 cm.

Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer Deluxe

Vapir Vapormatic Vaporizer
The chromo finish and new retro look make the Vapir VaporMatic Deluxe Vaporizer exceptionally stylish. It has also got a herb disk system which makes this vaporizer almost fully error proof. The LCD screen of this vaporizer keeps showing the exact temperature the unit is operating at. There is also a vapor inhalation bag with this vaporizer.

Vapir Oxygen Portable Vaporizer

It is available in affordable range. It is pocket sized and digitally powered vaporizer. What makes this vaporizer very much impressive is its digital display. This vaporizer can be used with a power adaptor or with an optional rechargeable battery. When the Vapir Oxygen Vaporizer is fully charged, it lasts for one hour of constant heating.

Rechargeable Vapir vaporizer

This vaporizer blows vapor through convectional style high quality fan. It features Adjustable temperature control, Backlit Digital display, Stylish custom fit carry bag, rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack and the like. It also comes with World adapter (110v to 240v).

Air2 Vapir Vaporizer

Vapir Vaporizer
A high-tech convection technology is used by this vaporizer to heat herbs. There is a disk implanted with herbal material through which hot air is blown. Because of this hot air, the material releases its full flavor with its volatile and active elements. This vapor cloud is fully smoke free.

Vapir OXYGEN Mini Vaporizer

Oxygen Mini Vapir Vaporizer
It’s a new Pen-Sized Vaporizer. As it is pocket-sized, one can carry it in car, office, boat and anywhere one likes to. What makes it easy to use and compact is its fan-less system.

Apart from these vaporizer, there are some other varieties of this vaporize such as Vapir One, Vapir ONE v5.0 and the like. Really, this vaporizer has a wide range of vaporizer which helps one to choose the right one for them.